Wheel Alignment Service Near Los Angeles, CA

Wheel Alignment Service Near Los Angeles, CA

Drivers from Los Angeles can keep their vehicle riding smoothly and operating the way it should with an alignment. The service department at Mark Christopher Auto Center provides full-service two- or four-wheel alignment for a more comfortable ride.

What We Do

Our service technicians use a machine just for alignment to measure the current alignment. Once we see how far off from the factory specs, we’ll have the wheel realigned. We provide a written estimate which includes the measurements and make recommendations based on manufacturer’s specifications.

The machine and technician measure three angles of the wheel.

  • Caster – This is the angle made by the steering pivot point, which goes from the front to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Camber – This angle is the difference between the vertical alignment of the wheel as it is perpendicular to the pavement.
  • Toe – This angle is the measurement of how much the tires point inward or outward as you are looking from above.

The wheels should be parallel to each other and in line with the road. If they tilt inward or outward at any angle, they need to be realigned. You should have your vehicle alignment tested on a regular basis.

Why Vehicles Need Aligned

Vehicles need to be realigned due to regular use. If you travel over potholes or on gravel roads, they may need aligned more often. While a vehicle can get out of alignment from regular use over time, an accident can cause a major shift in the alignment of the wheels all at once.

How Do You Know If a Vehicle Needs Alignment?

The best way to tell if a vehicle needs to be aligned is by having a service technician test it at Mark Christopher Auto Center with our diagnostics machine. You may also notice other signs as you drive that tell you it’s time for an alignment as you’re driving.

  • Vehicle pulls to one side as you drive
  • Steering wheel turns at an angle even when driving straight
  • Steering is more difficult
  • Tires wear unevenly

If you fail to get your wheels aligned when needed, it will allow your tires to wear out sooner. Bad alignment can also make for a rougher ride and more challenging steering.

Premier Service with Mark Christopher Auto Center

It’s easy to get your wheels aligned with Mark Christopher Auto Center. Just schedule an appointment by giving us a call or going online to our service scheduler. You can relax in our contemporary, clean waiting area while we work on your vehicle. You can also take our shuttle home or to work until the vehicle is ready to go.

Make wheel alignment part of your routine maintenance and keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years. Enjoy a better ride and longer life for your tires with regular alignment checks.

Contact Mark Christopher Auto Center for wheel alignment and a full range of services for your Chevy, Buick, and GMC models. We’re ready to help you maintain your vehicle with premier service.