Best Restaurants in Ontario, CA

restaurant dining table

If your mouth is watering to try something new, visit one of the best restaurants in Ontario. You don’t have to travel far for good food and even better service. Consider breaking from routine and visiting one of the following eateries which isn’t far from home.

The Bucket Crab & Crawfish

Get an authentic taste of fresh seafood at this local eatery. Enjoy your choice of shellfish, from crab to clams, shrimp to crawfish. Each entrée comes with a delicious garlic butter sauce. Add a side of Cajun fries to enhance the meal. No knife or fork needed as these meals are eaten with your hands. The servers will even help newbies learn how to eat shellfish from the shell.

The Olive Grill

Get your food fix here regardless of what kind of ethnic food you’re craving. This eatery provides everything from a sandwich to Asian and Mexican flavors. Enjoy a Greek meal or try the amazing Korean barbeque which is a local favorite. The barbeque is a unique mix of Korean and Tex-Mex for out-of-this-world flavor. Try the barbeque fries that come with meat, cheese, and jalapenos.

The New York Grill

Combine East Coast and West Coast flavors to create a casual but sophisticated environment. As a high-end eatery, you’re sure to be impressed by their steak. Enjoy the lounge and a full wine list. Regular live jazz performances add to the ambience which is perfect for dinner with someone special or a meal with clients or co-workers.

Alina’s Lebanese Cuisine

For a taste of something different. Alina’s provides a tasty introduction to Lebanese cooking. You’ll be introduced to some classics, such as falafel. Try the gourmet kababs with a wide offering of pickles, fatoush and hummus. To get an even better idea of Lebanese food, sample a variety with mezza platters, which let you taste grape leaves and baba ghanouj. Enjoy the delicious baklava as well.

Vince’s Spaghetti

If you’re begging for some authentic Italian food, there’s no better place to go than Vince’s. With family-style portions, you’ll have plenty to eat and some to take home. Enjoy traditional entrees made from old-school recipes, like the lasagna or spaghetti. In fact, the owners say they serve 15,000 miles of spaghetti every year from loyal patrons. Add to that total when you visit and bring your family.

Panda Inn

A local Chinese restaurant, this eatery is a family-owned business that has been around for 40 years. Enjoy both Mandarin and Szechuan cuisine. Even if you’re familiar with Szechuan cooking, you’ll be quite surprised at the entrees at Panda Inn, which include more spices than what you might be used to. Finish off your meal with dessert which is fruit platters. The restaurant even adds a unique touch to the fortune cookies by dipping them in white chocolate.

You can stay right here at home and find a fun new eating experience. No matter what your taste buds are longing for, get it at the best restaurants in Ontario.