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Cooling System and Fluid Change

Keeping your cooling system in prime working order is essential to your vehicle’s performance and for the protection of your engine. The service department at Mark Christopher Auto will flush out the cooling system and replace it with clean, new fluid. The cooling system flush helps keep your vehicle in good condition for longer-lasting performance.

What We Do

You can go online and schedule a flush any time. Our technicians will take care of the job based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. We use a reputable coolant once the flush is complete. You can talk to our techs to determine which brand is right for your vehicle. We also take care of the old fluid and can set up the next appointment for your routine maintenance.

How the Cooling System Works

The cooling system moves the coolant through the engine and radiator to help the engine stay cool while it runs. It keeps the temperature levels down and lubricates the water pump, so that your engine can continue to run safely. It also helps prevent corrosion, which can cause other damage and the need for expensive repairs.
If there is a problem with the coolant system, it can cause the engine to overheat. If not taken care of, you may need major repairs or even an engine replacement. This is why it’s critical to make sure the coolant is at the correct level and replaced on a regular basis.

How Often Does the Coolant Need Replaced?

You can contact the service team at Mark Christopher Auto to find out how often your system needs to be flushed out and the coolant replaced based on your make and model. We help you stay on top of routine maintenance tasks for your vehicle. We can get you scheduled for a cooling system flushed when it’s needed. The frequency will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations and how often you drive your vehicle. Get in touch with our service department and let us help you take care of your vehicle with top-notch service for all makes and models here at Mark Christopher Auto.

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