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Best Bakeries in Ontario

As part of the quickly developing Inland Empire, Ontario is on the rise. As the city grows, so does its wide selection of delicious baked goods that represents the diverse population.

My Delight CupCakery

This bakery is everything that represents upscale baked goods in Southern California. The mother and daughter ownership duo go above and beyond in the world of cupcakes for customized to perfection for your special day. Treat yourself with exotic flavors such as maple bacon, churro, and Kona coffee, among many others. The bakery even has a food truck that comes to you! Although My Delight CupCakery offers other treats such as brownies, cake pops, and macarons for their catering services, the bakery storefront is one of the Inland Empire’s only bakeries that exclusively sell’s cupcakes.

Ontario Bakery

This bakery is known locally for following decades-long tradition in cake making and decorating, and help other families create their own longstanding memories through outstanding baked goods. Their cake decorating service features cakes for every occasion, from small personal cakes to elaborately designed and built multi-tier cakes. Although cakes are the pillar of their business, they also dabble in several other facets in the world of tasty treats. Enjoy their available options for cupcakes and other sweet pastries. The bakery also offers fudge, made freshly in-house, with seasonal flavors as well as special flavors just in time for the holidays.

Home Pie Bakery and Cafe

Home Pie Bakery and Café is an exciting switch from sweet baked goods into the world of savory goods that are perfect for a delicious lunch or dinner. The menu features their signature meat and cheese pies, meatball subs on freshly baked hoagies, their homemade empanadas, and many more. The pies here are certainly their specialty. They come in many flavors including mushroom, beef, porchetta, chicken, and many others. Home Pie and Bakery is considered one of Ontario’s best kept secrets and is extraordinarily popular among the locals.

Jia Pon Bakery and Cafe

Freshly baked every day, the Jia Pon Bakery and Café specializes in a wide array of freshly baked breads. Garlic, green onion, cheese, and several others comprise their bread menu. Freshness is guaranteed as any leftovers are donated daily to the local mission house. Bread isn’t the only thing they offer, but also an excellent selection of desserts including tarts, cakes, mousse, macarons, flan, tiramisu, and many others. Get creative with Jia Pon’s custom cake services, just pre-order for any occasion and they will have a cake ready in no time to your exact specification.

San Antonio Bakery

As a favorite among locals, the San Antonio Bakery has proven itself a standout among other bakeries in the area. Unlike the gold standard for Mexican Bakeries, many of their baked goods are not baked with lard, presenting a slightly healthier alternative for those looking for traditional Mexican baked goods. The shop is a standard panaderia with a cake bakery attached, so be ready with those exciting cake ideas as they are ready for your special event. Made fresh in-house, enjoy their popular champurrados, bolillos, sweet breads and many other delicious baked items.
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