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Best Bakeries in Fontana

The bakeries in Fontana represent the best of their primarily Hispanic population. With classics from Mexico, and a little traditional American baked goods peppered in, Fontana has a great selection of baked goods to choose from.

Evita’s Bakery and Restaurant

This bakery seems to cover everything from delicious French fries to custom cakes for any occasion. Enjoy an excellent lunch here, with freshly baked bread used in their homemade sandwiches and other applicable menu items. Their Carne Asada is one of the most popular meals for lunch, and can be enjoyed along with various types of tamales, burritos, pupusas, and much more. Use their amazing services to order beautiful cakes and cupcakes for any occasion. With a selection of flavors and decorations available, Evita’s is ready for your special event.

El Torito Market

Bask in the authenticity of your surroundings while you discover what the bakery at El Torito Market has to offer. The market hosts a variety of authentic Mexican goods, but buried within the massive shop of meats and vegetables hides one of Fontana’s best bakeries. The bakery area of the shop is lined with display cases filled to the brim with freshly baked goods. Faithful to the atmosphere of the shop, the bakery features traditional Mexican baked goods. Enjoy brocas, orejas, pitahayas, and various sweet breads to eat at the bakery, or to take home to share.

SuperStar Donuts

SuperStar Donuts is a local, family-owned and operated Fontana staple with their excellent selection of daily baked donuts. The shop is the essence of convenience, as not only are they open twenty-four hours but also have a readily available drive through making getting your food a breeze. The menu isn’t just limited to traditional coffee and donuts, but offer a variety of croissants, smoothies, bubble tea, and even tasty boba egg rolls. Drop in and visit this small no-frills bakery to see what their many display cases have to offer.

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery

In a change of pace for the Fontana Area, Corky’s is true American homestyle cookies that with family-developed recipes that have served the area for over twenty years. Along with their excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner items, they boast a huge bakery that is available for any occasion. Cakes, cookies, and muffins are their primary bakery items, but they have a myriad of both regular sized and personal sized pies ready to go for your convenience. They also have pre-order options, cakes for any occasion decorated to perfection, and don’t forget about their customizable pie and cupcake options.

Lesley Bakery y Pasteleria

Customers are raving about this small storefront bakery located in the heart of Fontana. There are a ton of Mexican classic baked goods available here for either custom ordering or to take home. This small store in an otherwise unremarkable strip mall contains display case after display case of cookies, breads, cake slices, and many other baked goods. Their signature dish is their freshly made sweet breads and their bollilos. Both of these items sell out extremely fast so make sure to be first in line for their handmade goods.
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